How to make a flower

Initially you will use:

Approx 30cm Silk Organza

Leaf fabric silk/organza

Matching thread Gutterman

Wire cotton wool

Fine jewellery wire


You will need:

An iron




Wire cutters

Round nose wire pliers

Download and print the pattern here.

Cut 5 of each size petal. Total 15 petals

1. 15 cm wire Bend at top.

2. Wrap cotton wool and stitch in place to form bud cover with organza

3. Stitch at base

4. Trim down. Take bias strip 10 cm wide 12 cm long. Fold in half

5 Wrap around bud - like a shawl

6. Pin. Stitch in place. Trim excess away

7. Create a pattern in 'neck' under the bud

8. This is where the petal will be sewn

Cut 15 petals in rows of each size

On bias explain 9.

10. 3x5 petals


Roll top & sides - all

12. Tuck bottom pleat. - all

& stitch each one or just pin.


13. Start first petal facing the overlap, place each petal half way over the previous petal. Do all 5

14. Start next size (medium) petal midway over the join of two petals. Go all round with fie petals. Repeat with outside petals

15. Calyx - cut in green organza. Make hole in centre. Tiny blop glue. Slip over wire.

16. ?? if necessary.

Depending on whether you are using the flowers to go directly onto a hat or headpiece you don't need to cover the wire.

17. Cut and fold back. Arrange the flowers together. To continue the stem and leaves cut both on bias.

18. . Fabrics big enough for two leaves and iron bondaweb on strongest/opaque fabric

19. Iron & remove paper

20. Cut jewellery wire length of leaf plus enough attach leaf to stem. Make sure straight place pattern over fabric.

21. To check wire in correct position. Do not pin. Remove press wires in place.

22. Iron second fabric on top bonding the two together with the wire sandwiched in between.

23. Place pattern & cut out both leaves.

24. Wrap leaf wire around stem so one either side.

25. Bend bottom wire into loop. Bind wire stem with rats or bias strip of fabric (folded so not raw edge)

26. Wrap carefully around leaf joins.

27. Finish neatly next to calyx

28. Bend and adjust to make realistic.

29. Stitch petals at base if the look too floppy.

30. Finish flower.