At her studio in Holborn, Central London, award-winning hat designer Judy Bentinck lets you in on the secrets of traditional couture millinery. Beginner or expert, you'll learn so much.


    "Thank you so much for all your skilled teaching, encouragement and top tips!" Alison


    Millinery Workshop

    A four day course in millinery.


    Tuesday March 26th to Friday 29th 2019

    10.30 - 5.00


    Cockpit Arts, Northington St. Holborn, London WC1N 2NP


    On this popular four-day workshop, students have the opportunity to learn a range of couture millinery techniques, and complete two hats from start to finish: one in sinamay and one in wool felt.

    You can choose to create brimmed hats or cocktail hats or one of each style. You will learn all the steps required to create a hat to a couture standard.


    This course is suitable for all levels: from absolute beginners to experienced students. If you’re new to sewing, don’t worry: Judy will show you every step. If you’ve attended this workshop before, you can return and work on some more advanced projects with Judy’s advice and support.


    We cover a new topic each day, followed by the opportunity to progress at your own pace.


    Learn in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with a patient and inspiring teacher. Judy is an industry expert with over 17 years’ experience. She will answer your questions, provide one-to-one practical problem-solving and support you through your learning. This workshop is the ideal way to learn the craft of millinery and get confident in your skills.


    During this workshop we will cover the following methods:

    -Gain experience of working with and handling both sinamay and felt, and learn the different qualities of each material.

    -Learn how to block and stiffen a crown and a brim, and how to correctly remove your pieces from the block. You will work with both Sinamay and Felt to gain hands-on experience of both materials.

    -Learn about different couture stitching methods, which are appropriate for different parts of the hat, or material.

    -Gain experience of different bindings: Judy will show you 2 methods.

    -Learn all the steps necessary to create your own individually designed hat, ready to amaze everyone!


    Take it from one of Judy’s past students who said:

    “I think the course supports all levels and was very interesting. I will definitely recommend it to friends.”


    The price for this course is £580, which includes 4 full days of tuition, all materials necessary to create one felt hat and one sinamay hat, as well as refreshments.

    If you wish to create more projects, you’ll need to bring in additional materials. Please discuss this with Judy.


    Create a Free Form Sinamay Hat

    Learn how to create a free form sinamay hat with hand made flowers and trim.


    Friday 15th March 2019

    10.30 - 5.30


    Learn to block a mini hat in sinamay and decorate with a free form sculpted sinamay shape and sinamay trim. Create your own hand-made silk flowers to use as decoration and finish with a comb and elastic to secure. Each piece can have some variation to make them all individual, unique and truly yours!


    Cost: £175


    Basic hand sewing skills are required. All materials and equipment supplied. Only 4 places are available. Contact Judy directly for more information.

    Fabulous Fascinators

    A one day course - make your own fascinating creation!


    Saturday 2nd March 2019


    10.30 - 4.30

    Cockpit Arts, Northington St. Holborn, London WC1N 2NP


    Whether it’s that all-important wedding, a fashionable race day or a snazzy cocktail party, get camera-ready and stand out from the crowd with the effortless style of a couture fascinator.


    This one day course will enable you to create your own fabulous fascinator and leave with the skills to carry on creating more!


    In this fun and creative class, you’ll learn how to make a fascinator base, manipulate sinamay, curl feathers, use wire, work with veiling and learn the traditional millinery stitches that will become an invaluable part of your creative journey.


    The cost of this course is £170, which includes a full day of tuition, all materials necessary to create one fascinator, as well as refreshments.


    Millinery Trimmings

    A one day course in embellishments for your hats.

    Coming soon

    Cockpit Arts, Northington St. Holborn, London WC1N 2NP


    The ultimate creative workshop: learn how to work with ribbons and fabrics to create couture trimmings which can be mounted onto your headbands, combs and fascinator bases. Working with silk, velvet, organza, feathers and crin, you will learn to make beautiful bows, pretty petals and lovely leaves to put the final touches to your work.


    After this fun one-day workshop, you will have several trimmings to take home which can also be used to decorate garments, bags or shoes.


    The cost of this course is £165, which includes a full day of tuition, all materials necessary, as well as refreshments.

    Fabric Covered Hats

    A two day course learning the techniques involved in using fabrics for your hats.


    Thursday 28th Feb - Friday 1st March 2019


    Tuesday 19th - Wednesday 20th March 2019


    10.30 - 5.00

    Cockpit Arts, Northington St. Holborn, London WC1N 2NP


    Learn to use fabric in a more detailed approach to hat making and expand your skills and artistic flair with this in-demand workshop. During the course you will learn about foundation fabrics and how to use them. You'll progress onto interfacing and be guided through the different ways of creating a hat covered in beautiful fabric. The result will be one, or possibly two, professional-looking couture hats.


    Foundation material, interfacing and wire will be provided. Please bring a choice of fabric for your hat and your lining; a natural (non-synthetic) fabric like silk, velvet or cotton is best for the hat and the lining can be made from synthetic or natural fabric.


    The cost of this course is £325, which includes two full days of tuition, all materials necessary to create one or two couture hats, as well as refreshments.

    Flower Making Day

    A one day course in making hand-made flowers


    Wednesday 6th February 2019


    10.30 - 4.30

    Cockpit Arts, Northington St. Holborn, London WC1N 2NP


    Discover the pleasure of traditional flower-making techniques in this inspiring one-day workshop.


    You’ll be taught the all-important stiffening and shaping techniques needed to produce wonderfully natural and organic shapes and the finished pieces are perfect for trimming hats, bags, shoes and making a gorgeous corsage.


    £170 includes a full day of tuition, all necessary materials as well as refreshments.

    Block Making

    A two-day course in making your own hat blocks.


    Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th February 2019


    10.30 - 5.00

    Cockpit Arts, Northington St. Holborn, London WC1N 2NP


    Take your designs off the page and into 3-dimensions! Learning how to create your own hat blocks will give you the freedom to turn your ideas into reality and form the foundations for your creativity to flourish.



    Over this two day course you’ll learn from the expert, building the confidence to make a crown block and separate brim block from flat patterns. The crown is created on the first day and left to dry before we move on to the brim. Finally you’ll return to the crown to finish with more layers and voila! You will be shown how to create different shapes and sizes from basic measurements and construct your own blocks from layers of buckram, ready to take home at the end of the weekend to continue making unique and wonderful hats.


    Professional hints and tips over the course of the 2 days will give you the secrets to create your own brilliant blocks in a very economical way.


    All materials will be provided, but please bring with you a thimble, a pack of leather hand-sewing needles and an apron, and get stuck in!


    The cost of this course is £395, which includes two full days of tuition, all necessary materials, as well as refreshments.

    One to one Masterclass

    The ultimate in personal attention. Private tuition from Judy.

    Cockpit Arts, Northington St. Holborn, London WC1N 2NP


    Judy also offers exclusive one-to-one tuition for those with some millinery skills who want to expand their knowledge. In these friendly and focussed sessions, you will be able to work on specific techniques and hone your creative skills, and you’ll gain valuable professional tips tailored to your particular level and millinery goals.



    One-to-one tuition costs £65 per hour, which includes all materials & refreshments.

    Creating Fabulous Fabric Flowers

    For London Hat Week 2019

    9th April 2019

    To book please scroll down


    Cockpit Arts, Northington St. Holborn, London WC1N 2NP


    In this one day course you will learn to create two styles of fabric flowers: an organdie Oriental poppy and a silk organza English rose. A detailed look at flower making techniques, they are perfect for trimming your hats and headpieces or to use as a garland.


    Firstly we will create an organdie poppy in a colour of your choice. We will hand paint the poppy and and shape it into a delicate and deeply cupped flower using traditional millinery techniques. It will also have a stem and a poppy style wired silk leaf to complete the beautiful look.


    Secondly we will create a silk organza rose. Created using traditional millinery techniques and without the need for expensive flower tools. You will have the option to add handmade stamens, a velvet leaf and calyx.


    Both flowers can be made in different sizes by adjusting the patterns. You will receive a copy of both flower patterns.


    Materials needed for this course are:

    -Half-metre cotton organdie in a colour of your choice

    -Half-metre silk organza in a colour of your choice

    Please contact me if you are looking for suppliers.




    enquire about a course here


    Judy Bentinck

    Milliner and Teacher

    Judy Bentinck brings her extensive couture millinery skills to these popular classes.


    A practising professional milliner for over 18 years, Judy loves passing on her expertise and passion for the craft. She is also a wonderful teacher: funny and warm, quick, instructive and patient, her love for her craft is infectious.


    Judy is the author of "Designing and making hats and headpieces", which is now available on Amazon.




    From theatre costume design to couture millinery

    With a background in Textile design and an initial career in theatre costume design, Judy trained in the craft of millinery with Rose Cory, who was the Queen Mother's own milliner. With Rose she learned the secrets of traditional couture millinery, gaining an appreciation for true craftsmanship, well-balanced design and exquisite detailing.


    With this expertise, Judy established her eponymous brand at Cockpit Arts studios in central London, where she has built a loyal and ever-increasing following since 2002. Clients include celebrities such as Clare Balding, Amanda Redman, and Jenny Agutter and members of the aristocracy. Countess Bathurst was resplendent at her inauguration as High Sherriff of Gloucestershire. See her hat and other client testimonials here.

    Judy has also collaborated with fashion designers during London Fashion Week’s catwalk show, and PR companies to produce unique creations for Royal Ascot Ladies’ day.


    Judy's design inspiration is all-embracing from natural forms through floral motifs, architecture, historical references to mythical tales and mathematics.


    Some nice things that people have said

    "Judy guides you every step of the way passing on traditional couture techniques and know-how. Her passion for millinery is simply infectious, and she builds your confidence to work on more pieces at home, and be bolder in design."

    "The studio is an inspiring and fun environment to meet, and share ideas with like-minded students, and make new friends in the process."

    "Judy instills quality - you'll never be able to look at a hat in the same way again!"

    Lucinda (Brighton)


    "I loved attending Judy's workshops. The classes are small so there is lots of individual attention, which means you can easily finish the goal set for the class."


    "I loved the fascinator class so much I took it twice and each time came away with a totally professional looking piece that my friends couldn't believe I had made!"


    "Judy has lots of good stories to tell and is very eager to pass on her knowledge, I really enjoyed her classes."

    Deborah (London)


    "Judy was wonderful, and a great source of knowledge. I loved learning this new skill."


    "Judy was an absolute darling and a very attentive teacher. She provided so much info and gave away her little tricks. She was happy to answer all my queries. Excellent course - got more than I bargained for!"


    "This experience was amazing and your teaching was wonderful!"



    "Thank you for your kindness and patience! It was a wonderful and magical class for me!"

    Ayumi (Japan)


    "Thank you Judy for a wonderful and inspirational course. You are an amazing tutor, I'm really looking forward to doing another course with you."



    "I have loved this course and will definitely be making more hats in the future!"



    "Merci Judy pour une semaine merveilleuse, j'ai tellement appris, en m'amusant!"

    Poldy (France)


    Cockpit Arts, Northington St., Holborn, London WC1N 2NP


    Cockpit Arts is situated in charming Bloomsbury which is easily accessible by public transport and plays host to an array of delicious cafes and cake shops which you can explore while you’re in the area.


    Here are just a few lunchtime favourites to whet your appetite:

    Tuttis (paninis, jackets and pasta dishes)

    The people's supermarket, both on Lamb's Conduit Street.

    Bea’s of Bloomsbury (mini baguettes, scones, sweets and cupcakes) on Theobalds Road.

    Caffe Nero (chain coffee and sandwiches) on Theobalds Road.

    Pret a Manger (chain coffee and sandwiches) on Grays Inn Road.


    When you've arranged your course with Judy, here's an easy way to pay.


    Now available at Amazon, Judy's book explains secrets of traditional couture millinery

    The front cover of Judy's book

    "I'm truly impressed. Judy Bentinck's book is beautifully written and a pleasure just to read, as well as making me want to get stuck in now!"  - Frances Butt

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